North Shields Smoked Salts

Our range is designed for everyday use, whether at the table ground over pre-prepared food & take-aways, or added when cooking your favourite recipes.

The biggest advantage that sea salt holds over table salt comes in the form of taste. Many gourmets and chefs readily accept that sea salt tastes better and handles better than table salt as sea salt generally undergoes much less refinement than table salt. And now that taste is enhanced through the smoking process.

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Chilli Smoked Salt
The chilli flakes have a medium heat, with the smoking process enhancing the strength of fla..
Cracked Pepper Smoked Salt
Smoked salt and smoked cracked peppercorns combined for the perfect ratio of flavour. This is a g..
Garlic Smoked Salt
The sea salt & garlic flakes are smoked separately, & then blended to ensure an evenness ..
Original Smoked Salt
The most versatile of the range, this is just plain sea salt smoked. A good one to start with, it..
Starter Pack
A great starter pack containing your choice of any smoked salt; any smoked peppercorn; and any tw..